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BStringhamVRSK commented Aug 12, 2021

After using Engine.createTextureFromKtx/jpeg/Png, I need to query the texture width and height so I can generate proper UV coordinates for font display.

Proposed solution
Expose the Texture.getWidth(), getHeight(), etc. methods to get texture information. I currently only need width and height, but I can see usage cases for many of the other "getters" available in the C++ in

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Minecraft is a sandbox video game.

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GitHub Universe 2021 Highlights in Korean

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GitHub Universe 2021 Highlights in Korean

December 09, 2021 • Online

In this webinar, GitHub staff will share in detail the highlights of the new features announced during Universe21.

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Allow authors of pull requests to set status to pending while still working on it.


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jkogler-cloudflight commented Aug 2, 2021

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
In our company we have way too many branches remotely. Basically everybody creates new ones for every PR, and most of the time the branches don't get deleted afterwards.
That makes it very hard to check out a remote branch with lazygit, as I have to search for it. Need to know the exact PR number, ...

**Describe the solution

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Analytics & Reports

The Analytics & Reports by Screenful is a Business Intelligence solution for GitHub which makes it easy to create charts and reports of your GitHub issues and projects. Create interactive charts, track cycle times, measure team velocity, and share with others using share links or scheduled emails.